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The Chuck Book is an interactive ABC storybook for everyone! It's a 56 page, fully illustrated, slightly advanced ABC style book! Each spread has a short story with detailed illustrations. The story rhymes and uses multiple words with the associated letter of the alphabet for each page.

It also includes many of Chuck's Instagram friends! On the bottom of the pages you will find the handles of over 60 real animals featured in this book for you and your families to find and follow on Instagram! The Chuck Book is packed full of dogs, cats, birds, a mini pig, a hedgehog, and even a raccoon! 


The Chuck Book: An Interactive Storybook for Everyone

Written and illustrated by Cody VandeZande

The Chuck Book is so much more than a standard ABC book! Each spread tells a a fun short story that rhymes, uses multiple words based on the letter of the page, and has slightly advanced wording to challenge the reader! You can find and follow almost all of the characters in this book on Instagram! Look for their handles at the bottom of each page!

Reading level: Grades 4-6
Enjoyment level: All ages! With colorful illustrations, rhyming sentences, and a story on each page that follows the ABC’s, everyone can enjoy this unique book!

Hardcover 56 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64307-118-3

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About Chuck

Chuck was adopted from a farm in wisconsin as a kitten in 2007. He was the last little guy in the litter! Immediately falling in love, Cody had to take him home.

Little did Cody know, this cute ball of ginger fluff would grow up to have quite the personality and would become an Instagram cat-lebrity! He decided to make an Instagram account in later years to post some of the millions of pictures he took of him, choosing ( simply because it rhymed and because of Chuck's "ducky" personality.

In just a few days his following started to grow! Cody was onto something... with his silly costumes, hair extension wigs, and cute face, how could anyone not be entertained by this goofy guy?!

Chuck now lives in Chicago with his little kitty sister, Stevie, and his little (big) doggy brother, Brody, and of course his humans. Chuck actually doesn't mind dressing up in the costumes! He knows that treats are coming his way whenever the costumes, the wigs, and the camera comes out! He usually purrs the whole time, except when Stevie and Brody decide to jump in on the action! 

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Creating The Chuck Book

The Chuck Book has been a project that Cody had worked on for almost two years! He had been wanting to create an ABC style book with more depth to it for everyone to enjoy for a long time! Something that would stand out from a basic ABC book.

When he had the idea to create an illustrated book about Chuck, Cody knew he wanted to pull in some other characters to make it more exciting. Holding a contest for all animals who had Instagram accounts to enter, they were instructed to use the the corresponding hashtag to their first names. #AChuckTheDuckBook, #BChuckTheDuckBook, etc. 

Then the fun began. First, Cody wrote the short story for each page and had drawn simples sketches to get the vision for the pages out on paper. He then went back in to rework the sketches into the final drawing. After that he scanned, cleaned up the line drawings, and colored everything digitally. 

Cody graduated with his bachelors degree in illustration and design and published his first children’s book, A Great White Christmas, in 2015. The Chuck Book is his second, self-published children's book through Mascot Books. 

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