The Chuck Book: An Interactive ABC Storybook for Everyone 

Written and illustrated by Cody VandeZande

The Chuck Book is so much more than a standard ABC book! Each spread tells a a fun short story that rhymes, uses multiple words based on the letter of the page, and has slightly advanced wording to challenge the reader! You can find and follow almost all of the characters in this book on Instagram! Look for their handles at the bottom of each page!

Reading level: Grades 4-6
Enjoyment level: All ages! With colorful illustrations, rhyming sentences, and a story on each page that follows the ABC’s, everyone can enjoy this unique book!

Hardcover 56 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64307-118-3

A Great White Christmas

Written and illustrated by Cody VandeZande 

As Santa heads out to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve, he encounters trouble over Australia. Unexpected friends arrive to help save the day, and along the way Santa learns a valuable lesson. Join Santa, Oli, and the rest of the crew in this unique Christmas tale!

Reading level: Grades 1-2
Enjoyment level: Everyone will enjoy this book with colorful illustrations and unique story involving a great white shark and Santa!

Hardcover 38 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63177-433-1