The Revival of a Lost Art

Besides your annual holiday card, when is the last time you sent a greeting in the mail? No, I don't mean an email. I mean good ol' fashioned snail mail...


Probably 1995, right?

Like most of us, sending a hand written letter, birthday card, or even a thank you is a thing our grandparents used to do (and might still do!) Since we all carry around devices to easily send a message, what's the point, right? Hand writing a letter or a note is time consuming and it doesn't come with auto correct, so you actually have to spell! *gasp!* 

But guess what?  

It means a lot more when you put time and thought into writing. Even if you spell things incorrectly. It won't matter, if it comes from the heart. 

Although sending mail has basically become obsolete, we still check the mailbox every day only to find a pile of bills and junk mail. Sometimes they try to trick you with what looks like a hand written envelope, and you open it to realize it's just another damn credit card application. Grr!

You know that feeling of excitement when you open the mailbox to find a birthday card or Christmas card? Isn't it nice to find something sent to you from an actual human? Something that was carefully written, sealed and delivered. Something that touches your heart and makes you appreciate the person who sent it.

THAT is the feeling I'm talking about. So why not return the love and make someone's day. Afterall, Facebook "Happy Birthday!" posts amongst the dozens are only so touching. And replying like this doesn't count.

*Like*, "Thanks!!"

*copy*, *paste*, *paste*, *paste* 

What's more memorable? Posts on your wall, or actual greetings you received in the mail?  

I'm not saying I'm a saint at sending mail to my family and friends, believe me, I'm guilty of the Facebook or text message birthday shout out, and admit it you are too...

So, let's make a goal to revive the lost art of writing to friends and family more often than the annual holiday card. Maybe even a simple, "How are you? It's been too long!" to an old friend you haven't talked to in years... 

You'll just have to reach out via social media to get their address first. ;) 


On an side note:    

I am working on getting my etsy store set up with illustrated greetings that will be available for purchase soon! I'm also working with clients to create custom greetings they can send to family and friends. You can look at my website by clicking HERE to see some of the greetings I've created for myself to send out. 

- Cody