I'm Cody VandeZande and I am an illustration artist living in Chicago. I have always been a passionate, creative and entrepreneurial soul. As a kid I began by crafting bracelets and key chains to sell to family and friends. This inspired my venture leading to present day where I have earned a bachelors degree in illustration and design and have set forth on an adventure to create my own business in the industry.

I have written, illustrated and self published my first children's book called A Great White Christmas about Oli, the great white shark, who helps Santa save Christmas when he runs into troubles flying over Australia. Inspired from a trip I took to dive with great whites in Australia 2013.



Photo by Brenna Rose Photography

My second children's book, The Chuck Book now available! I've worked for almost two years on this project and I couldn't be more proud of the way it turned out! 

The Chuck Book is an interactive ABC style book for all ages! While reading the stories on each page, you can find and follow over 60 Instagram accounts that are tied back to the real animals featured in the book! So you'll be able to find and follow the real Archie, the real Benny, the real Corrie and so on. 

Each page has a short story that rhymes, uses multiple letters related to the letter on the page, and has slightly advanced wording to spark curiosity in the reader.