a great white christmas

Oli the Great White shark helps Santa save Christmas when a windstorm hits Australia and he is forced to make a crash landing.
Oli comes to the rescue and helps pull Santa's sleigh around the shoreline to deliver gifts to the houses while the
koalas and kangaroos take the gifts inland! When Oli runs into a bit of trouble himself, Santa learns a valuable lesson
about sharks and other sea creatures that could help save them from becoming extinct!

Photo credit: Jake Kazmierski • Taken from inside the cage in Australia

Photo credit: Jake Kazmierski • Taken from inside the cage in Australia

How it all began!

The inspiration for this book started from an amazing trip to the Neptune Islands in South Australia in 2013. Cody, the author and illustrator, got the amazing opportunity to get in a diving cage, be lowered to the ocean floor, and see these magnificent and
beautiful creatures up close and personal! 

Using the inspiration from his trip, Cody designed a Christmas card to send out to his family and friends where he and Jake were in a sleigh and a shark was pulling them around. As soon as people started receiving cards in the mail, the reaction was exciting! Everyone loved it and many people would say, "this should be a children's book!!"

Cody decided to not only create a unique and fun tale about Santa and Oli saving Christmas, but to also include a lesson in the book about sharks and their importance to our eco-system!

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After planning the story line, sketching and drawing the final drafts it was all starting to come together! All the hard work was finally starting to pay off! The pages were laid out and edited. A paperback sample was printed, and it was finally finished.

Cody turned to the community to raise the funds needed to get A Great White Christmas up and running.  

The kickstarter campaign was a success! The goal was exceeded and a portion of the funds raised after the goal amount were donated to Shark Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving sharks and providing education about these fascinating animals! 

A Great White Christmas cover

A Great White Christmas cover

Available now!

Cody has done presentations for 1st-8th grade kids to show how he was inspired to write and illustrate A Great White Christmas. He also helps the kids get started by teaching some of the basics on creating their very own story and some tips and tricks to inspire kids to create their own illustrations! 

If you're interested in hosting an event for presentations, signings, etc., please contact Cody at codyvandezande@gmail.com or click the connect button on this website!