A Great White Christmas

Oli the great white shark helps Santa save Christmas when a windstorm hits Australia and he is forced to make a crash landing.
Oli comes to the rescue and helps pull Santa's sleigh around the shoreline to deliver gifts to the houses while the koalas and kangaroos take the gifts inland!
When Oli runs into a bit of trouble himself, Santa learns a valuable lesson about sharks and other sea creatures that could help save them from becoming extinct! 


5 star ratings + over 1,000 books sold!

"This is a unique twist on a Christmas story. The illustrations are beautiful and the story has a great message about conservation and awareness of our ecosystem."
- Jaime F. (Amazon Review)


"Beautifully illustrated and well written! We love this book and love the overall message too! Every child should read this book for the holiday season!"
- Jessica R. (Amazon Review)

Commissioned holiday card

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The Chuck Book

The Chuck Book is an interactive ABC storybook for everyone! 

It's a 56 page, fully illustrated, slightly advanced ABC style book! Each spread has short story with illustrations to go with it. The story rhymes and uses multiple words with the associated letter on each page and is great for the whole family! 

Each spread also includes many of Chuck's friends! Located at the bottom of the pages you will find the Instagram handles of over 60 characters included in the book for you and your families to find and follow the real animal accounts, making The Chuck Book a fun interactive story that everyone can enjoy! 

The book is packed full of all sorts of animals and pets from Instagram, including many dogs, cats, birds, a mini pig, a hedgehog, and even a raccoon!


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Commissioned illustration of Bentley

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